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Posted: January 15, 2008 in Mac

So what was in the air at Macworld? The MacBook Air, that’s what. In his keynote, Apple boss Steve Jobs unveiled the “world’s thinnest notebook” and at 3 pounds, 0.76 inches deep (that’s about a pencil width) and a 13.3 inch screen with an 80GB hard drive, it looks a beauty. No touch screen but you can perform many of those cool iPhone tricks on the extra large track pad. No CD/DVD drive either – that’s a $99 extra. Looks great but $1,799?! Are you kidding? For now, I could live with the extra two pounds on a MacBook. Among the other announcements: the very cool Time Capsule – an automatic wireless backup in 500Gb and 1TB models that also doubles as an Airport base station; a bunch of added features to the iPhone and iPod Touch, a cheaper, standalone Apple TV; and movies to rent from iTunes store – in HD too (but of course, not if you’re in Bermuda).For more details, check out Macworld’s coverage 

  1. sennung says:

    it’s very useful for all work at home by Notebook 13.3 inch because very nice

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