Russian music site blocked

Posted: January 20, 2008 in internet, media, movies, music

If you use the controversial Russian music site (an offshoot of the banned, you may find your access blocked. Apparently the site has been using a notorious Turkish web host that has been linked to some serious cybercrimeand has been blocked by several ISPs in the UK and US. I’ve been a regular user of these Russian sites not only becuase they provide amazing value but simply because the archaic international copyright laws won’t let me or other Bermuda-based users buy music or movies from iTunes, Amazon and other online sources. Obviously I would rather buy my music legit but until this situation changes, I will buy my music or download it where I can, so hopefully the Russkis will find another host soon. In the meantime, you might want to try Mp3Sugar, Iomoio or the eclectic eMusic as alternatives. And long live Pirate Bay!

  1. Lovely blog. But the question is:

    Whatever art form (music, paintings, etc.) you have in it I can download it ILLEGALLY.
    I also been a victim of WEB PIRATES, but now I´m droppin the H-BOMB
    on their Ship. Find out how.

  2. christian says:

    You can buy from iTunes. Just pick up a gift card (or have someone pick one up) when they’re off island. Then you can redeem it through the store and you’ve got your credit.

    The only catch, a US card is only valid in the iTunes US store, the Canadian in the CDA store, UK one in the UK store.

    But, I have 3 accounts anyway to get the music as released in the different markets.

    Too bad the US dollar is so weak though. A 99c song in Canada was cheaper than a 99c song in the US store.

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