Bye bye Bo

Posted: June 3, 2008 in music

Every once in a while a celeb dies whose passing truly marks the end of an era and deserves the “legend” status. Bo Diddley was one of those. He might not mean much to younger music fans but suffice to say that without Otha Ellas Bates (a one-time boxer later known as Ellas McDaniel) and other originals like Chuck Berry and Little Richard there would be no Stones or any of the blues-driven rock that followed. Diddley and his distinctive box red guitar haven’t troubled the charts in decades but his distinctive style remains an influence on so much music today and his riffs much imitated (U2’s “Desire” is a good example). 

For more on Bo and to listen to some classic tracks like “Who Do You Love”, check out his iTunes page

And here’s that classic 80s Nike ad with Bo (You Don’t Know Diddley) Jackson:

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