Euro pod kicks off

Posted: June 3, 2008 in football

Euro 2008: Football Daily – the preview show | Sport |

Euro 2008 is just days away and The Guardian’s irreverent Football Weekly podcast is back to ward off the footy withdrawal symptoms with a preview. Glad to report that from Saturday, James Richardson, Barry Glendenning and Co. will be podcasting daily from Austria and Switzerland.

Who’s going to win? I’d love to see Spain or Portugal do it – assuming of course that the Spaniards don’t get their perennial stage fright and Ronaldo isn’t already shagged out by his on and off field performances this season (wink, wink).

Dark horses? Holland (but they have an awful draw), Romania and maybe Russia. Just let it be anyone but Germany, France or Italy again ….

At least it will be stress-free viewing for us England fans 😦


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