The spin doctor will see you now …

Posted: June 3, 2008 in Uncategorized

I’ve been catching up with work so I didn’t weigh in on Doc Brown’s recent decision to hire an overseas PR firm to polish up the Island’s image, which he says has been damaged by the Opposition, the media and basically anyone who has an opinion that differs from his. How pathetic and cynical is this, let alone a waste of taxpayers’ money? Doesn’t the Government already spend millions on PR and marketing? What are those guys doing – and if they’re not doing their job why are we still paying them?

If there’s a problem with Bermuda’s image, maybe the Government should try looking in the mirror first. This continual and divisive whining and blaming everyone but themselves for every single problem is getting tiresome.

I could go on but other Bermuda bloggers have been far more articulate on this than I could be. Check Global Voices for a recent round-up.

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