Picasa 3 for Mac looks sharp

Posted: January 24, 2009 in internet, Mac, media, Technology

Have been having fun with Google’s new Picasa 3 for Mac photo-sharing software. I share most of my photos online through either Picasa or Facebook, usually using the exporter plug-ins you can add to iPhoto. The new version of Picasa makes it even easier to organise and share pictures. In addition to uploading fast and seamlessly to Picasa Web Albums for sharing with family and friends, there’s a whole slew of new features that let you adjust everything from red eye to colour temperature as well as neat effects like soft focus, film grain and graduated tint. It’s not Photoshop by any means but you can very quickly make some interesting tweaks and corrections. You can import all your existing pictures from your hard drive to Picasa but if you alter an image in anyway, Picasa will make a new copy and leave the original iPhoto image untouched.  Picasa also has push-button options for e-mailing images, creating collages, gift CDs, uploading to Blogger accounts and slidehow movies that you can upload directly to YouTube. Not bad for free!

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