ex-senator critcises premier, PLP

Posted: June 23, 2009 in Bermuda, bermuda politics

Interesting story in today’s  The Royal Gazette:

Former Progressive Labour Party Senator Davida Morris yesterday said young people want a new political party — because they’re sick of the PLP playing the racecard and censoring free speech.

Ms Morris, 28, says many people her age are extremely mistrustful of a Government she says has “saddened and embarrassed” her through recent events.

“Most people I speak to are wishing for a new party,” Ms Morris told The Royal Gazette.

“They want nothing to do with the petty back and forth bickering that goes on and more importantly they are extremely troubled and mistrustful of a PLP Government that uses censorship and race as its defence when there is no real need for it.”

Ms Morris and blogger Jonathan Starling (the man behind the well-written, pro-PLP Catch A Fire) are starting a new blog  ‘Bermuda Jewel’ (Bermudian Joint Endeavour for Welfare, Education and Liberation) that is expected to go live next week and will allow for “free and open debate on all topics concerning Bermuda and Bermudians”.

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    Just telling you all know how much I appreciate your posts, and the fact that I found you though google🙂

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