Blurb announces PDF to book service

Posted: June 24, 2009 in internet, media, miscellany

Blurberati Blog » The Secret’s Out: PDF to Book is Here!.

I’ve been a big fan of the Blurb internet publishing service for some time and have used it to produce several very professional-looking books for family and friends. The only drawback with Blurb in the past was that you had to use their proprietary software which, while free and easy to use, was a bit limiting design-wise. Now Blurb has announced a PDF-to-book service which allows you to design using programmes like Adobe InDesign using native file formats, giving you much more creative control over the end product.

  1. RonJackson says:

    I have been working on developing a photo book from Quark into PDF and have found this BLURB site to be absolutely TERRIBLE!!!! I work for an advertising agency, have lots of experience regarding production, sizing, file setup, etc. This is the worst delivery system i’ve ever dealt with. I tried for THREE DAYS to upload my files to Blurb, with no success. Each time i just kept getting the same BS response from them. After the third day, they finally acknowledged that it was their issue, and still would not provide me a phone number or another way to provide them files. I couldn’t be more dissapointed. I don’t know how the average Joe is supposed to get this right. Never again

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