broadside from former AG

Posted: July 4, 2009 in Uncategorized

There was a scathing and damning indictment of Attorney General Kim Wilson in a letter in today’s Gazette from former AG, now PLP backbencher, Phil Perinchief. Basically, he accuses Wilson of allowing her political role as Minister of Justice to interfere in her more neutral one of AG in which capacity, he says, she acts as legal advisor both to the Government and the Governor. Last week Wilson said Premier Ewart Brown’s decision to allow four Guantánamo detainees to resettle on the Island was a lawful one.

Unfortunately the letter doesn’t appear on the Gazette website so I can’t link to it and I’m too lazy/busy to retype the whole thing but it’s worth picking up a print version to read. Here’s just an excerpt:

I am appalled, disappointed and hugely embarrassed for the current AG in respect of her remarks on the ‘lawfulness’ of the Premier’s actions. These remarks are, in my view, misleading, erroneous and an unfortunate blight upon the office of the Attorney General … ask yourselves readers if the Premier has acted UNCONSTITIONALLY and UNLAWFULLY in this matter. And please, do not be blinded by the ‘red herring’, apples and oranges accusation that you answer is ‘unhumanitarian’. I believe that if you keep the facts straight then you will conclude as I have done: Guilty, Mr. Premier, on ALL counts.”

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