Welcome to JEWEL

Posted: July 4, 2009 in Bermuda, bermuda politics

As mentioned in a previous post, PLP blogger Jonathan Starling and former PLP Senator Davida Morris have now launched a welcome new blog, Bermuda JEWEL.

According to the site, Bermuda JEWEL is a political organisation, not a party,  with the aim of “involving the citizens of Bermuda in the process of Government, with the aim of achieving economic, social and ecological justice and democracy”. JEWEL itself stands for Joint Endeavor for Welfare, Education & Liberation.

“This name indicates the aims and objectives of the organisation – welfare, education and liberation of Bermudian citizens. The founders of JEWEL come from the Progressive Labour Party, both members and supporters. It is our contention that the PLP has lost its committment to economic, social and ecological justice and democracy. We feel that it is no longer possible to advocate effectively for these goals within the PLP – radical critique and free discussion has been stifled within the Party, and that is a threat to the long-term benefit of our people.”

Sounds like a breath of fresh air to me. Good luck and welcome to the blogosphere, guys!

FOOTNOTE: Sad to see that the provacative and always entertaining Vexed Bermoothes is calling it a day – at least for now. He said on his/her blog today:

… after more than 750 posts, far too many of which are focussed on the constant circus surrounding Ewart Brown, with the ensuing pressures, I am taking a break from active blogging.

Come back soon, Vexed!

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