Rocking Aylesbury memories

Posted: August 31, 2009 in music
Punk band 999 at Friars in 1979 (Photo by Chris Gibbons)

Punk band 999 at Friars in 1979 (Photo by Chris Gibbons)

Bit of indulgent nostalgia, this. When I were a lad, some of the best times – and certainly some of the best gigs I ever went to – were at a small club in Aylesbury, Bucks called Friars. It was run mainly by a wizard promoter, Dave Stopps, who had an uncanny knack of booking acts just before they broke nationally (Bowie, Queen to name but two). The club closed in the mid-80s but recently a site has been created to mark the club’s 40th anniversary. For what it’s worth, I posted some reminisces on the site and you can read some of my hazy memories here.

  1. Jools says:

    and whoooooooosshh! There I am back in the Civic Centre…

  2. John Highfield says:

    Just seen your ramblings on Friars Website and reminded of those Saturday nights and the last train home. Remember your great coat and the vodka well. It seems a lifetime ago when some of us would go to Watford in the afternoon (Teef, Stephen Gregory to name a few) and then we would all arrive in the Green Man before the gigs fresh from the game and ready for 5 or six pints. So many good gigs Queen (even though their lightshow did not arrive) Genesis at the Maxwell , Bowie as you say for 90pence Hunter Ronson Band , Ronnie Lanes Slim Chance, Boomtown Rats Tom Petty …

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