GMail issues

Posted: September 1, 2009 in internet, Technology

Have had no GMail for more than 36 hours now, which is a pain to say the least. Like many other users I can send messages but can’t read incoming missives unless they are forwarded from my other non-GMail accounts and I cannot access my Contacts. Yesterday, Google belatedly posted this message on their help page:

August 31, 2009 11:28:00 AM PDT

Google Mail service has already been restored for some users, and we expect a resolution for all users in the near future. Please note this time frame is an estimate and may change.

I’m a big fan of cloud computing and rely on it for much of my business but situations like this are a reminder that we are still some way from being able to depend on it completely. Particularly worrying is the length of time Google seem to have taken to acknowledge it and respond. Fortunately, I didn’t cancel that .Mac/Me account and have Twitter and Facebook as message stop-gaps!

UPDATE: Everything back to normal as of 3pm Bda time.

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