Welcome to the dark side

Posted: September 2, 2009 in Google, internet, Technology

Google’s Gmail Fail Casts Dark Cloud on ‘Cloud Computing’ – PC World

PC World echoed some of my thoughts in this piece today. “If this latest Gmail failure has proven anything, it’s that local hard
drives should always be an important part of any computer. Maybe one
day you won’t need to have massive storage space to keep a copy of
absolutely every photo, video or document you own, but vital data like
e-mail will still need a little storage space offline no matter how
reliable companies claim their cloud solutions are.”

As mentioned in the piece, it’s a good idea to at least have GMail’s offline service installed so you can access your most recent e-mails when there’s no connection. Better yet, buy the excellent Mailplane, which puts GMail on your desktop rather than your browser and also gives you offline access to recent messages.

One thing I take issue with, though, is that PC World, like most news sources are still stating that GMail was out for “two hours”. This is bull – I was not able to receive mail or access my Contacts for at least 36 hours.

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