UBP falling apart

Posted: September 14, 2009 in Bermuda, bermuda politics

 After a quiet couple of months, there’s life on the political front again. BERMUDIANS are planning another anti-Ewart event on September 26 – a Picnic For Change at Astwood Park and right on cue, the UBP implodes.

According to today’s edition of  The Royal Gazette:

The United Bermuda Party was rocked last night as three MPs quit — along with a Senator, the party chairman and former deputy chair — to form a new party.

MPs Shawn Crockwell, Donte Hunt and Mark Pettingill, as well as Sen. Michael Fahy, Sean Pitcher and Wayne Scott, hope their move will shatter the racial division they say has blighted politics in Bermuda for years.

All six tendered their resignations to UBP leader Kim Swan last night. The three MPs, who say they have backing from their branches for the move, will sit as independents before the new party is formed; the other three will work in the burgeoning project’s development.

They say they have received overwhelming support from both sides of the political divide after revealing they were considering walking out on the UBP over the weekend.

A number of community and business leaders are said to be prepared to jump on board their venture, which the gang of six describe as an Obama-like movement with a manifesto of equal opportunity, social justice, security and fiscal conservatism.

“Obama-like movement” is a bit of a stretch, but let’s give them the benefit of the doubt for now. What will be interesting over the next few days and weeks is to see who else is prepared to join with them. This third, as yet unnamed, party hasn’t got a hope in hell unless some heavyweights from the PLP break ranks and if it doesn’t gain traction and support before the next election, then it will only serve to split the vote which can only be to the PLP’s benefit (assuming the tired old UBP hangs around like a rotting carcass).

And how does it avoid being seen as a white-backed party? If the UBP does indeed fall on its collective sword, then most whites will inevtiably shift to supporting the new party which will then have its work cut out to avoid being tarred with the same racist brush as the UBP [Stop sniggering at the back there, Brown].

It will be some achievement indeed if the new party can break free of that legacy rise Obama-like above it.

Meanwhile, any ideas for the new party name – UBP Lite? United Black-and-White People Party? Up With All People Party, the United Barack Party? 

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