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Posted: December 2, 2010 in Bermuda, internet, media

Looks like things are going to get interesting on the local online news front again.

The Royal Gazette is about to (finally) ditch its dog’s breakfast of a website with a total revamp – although the planned Dec. 6 launch has been put back to Dec. 13 for some “technical adjustments”. The mockups I’ve seen look clean and well-organised and at first glance a vast improvement on the existing one – but it’s hard to tell until it’s live on-screen and we see how user-friendly it is – and whether the content will reflect the philosophical shift the Gazette must make – from thinking of itself as a newspaper first to a multimedia news organisation that thinks 24-7 screen first, whether that screen is the web, tablet or smartphone.

Meanwhile, everyone’s favourite upstart, Bernews – which has been kicking the Gazette’s butt for most of the year – is planning some changes. With some financial backing, an ad sales team and a handful of part-time editorial staff now on board, the site is looking to up the ante again. They’ve recently added some nice touches like text alerts, Portuguese translation and I understand plenty more changes are in the works.

Watch that space …

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