A chilling perspective

Posted: December 7, 2010 in Bermuda

Anyone concerned about where Bermuda is headed amidst the spiralling gang violence, social dysfunctionality and hypocrisy, should take a moment to read “From the Perspective of a Young Black Man” which was published on Bernews.com today.

Here’s an excerpt:

What’s my name? don’t worry about that – it’s not important. But you see me every day – on the block, sittin off with my boys by the Parson’s road playground, or drinkin Guinness and smoking cigarettes across from C & R Discount on the block. Or sharing a joke with my breddrins out the 2nd.

I’m the one you fear – admit it. You all can’t even look me in my face or speak when you pass me by. I’m the one you pray every day that your son never befriends and your daughter never brings home. I’m the garbage that this society has no official place for.

And I’m the reflection of your cowardice and failure.

You can’t escape me, but you try. Sending your kids to private school and all dat. And I can’t even blame you – I wouldn’t want my son living the street life. It’s hard being on my post rain, blow or shine; it’s hard taking all the risks for such a little return. And now, brothas are shooting to kill, so the stakes are real high.


From the Perspective of a Young Black Man | Bernews.com.

  1. John Steele says:

    Take a look at this TEDxSMU lecture by Baba Brinkman for one perspective on this problem. The Rap Guide to Evolution:

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